Western Cowgirl Art, on a Glossy Ceramic Decorative Tile, Free Shipping to USA

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Introducin' our mighty fine glossy ceramic decorative tile (available in Medium: 6" x 6" or Large: 8" x 8" sizes), featurin' an exclusive piece of art that captures the true spirit of the wild west. This here tile showcases a bold cowgirl ridin' high on her trusty steed, embodyin' the grit, determination, and adventure of the cowboy way.

Now, reckon this tile ain't just for showin' off. It's as versatile as a lasso in the hands of a seasoned wrangler. Whether you're a crafty cowpoke lookin' to add some cowgirl flair to yer DIY projects or yearnin' to spruce up yer abode with a touch of western charm, this tile is the perfect partner. Let yer imagination run wild as you use it in yer creative endeavors, bringin' a touch of uniqueness to yer accent tiles or transformin' any room into a true western masterpiece.

But that ain't all, pardner! This tile ain't just a pretty face; it's also a trusty drink coaster. Picture yerself savorin' a sip of yer favorite beverage, transported to the rugged landscapes of the Old West with every swig. It's a surefire way to spark conversations and have folks admirin' the grace of the cowgirl and the attention to detail of the artist.

If you're yearnin' to bring the untamed spirit of the West into yer home or lookin' for a one-of-a-kind gift, look no further. Our exclusive tile is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and quality, forged right here in sunny California. Each tile goes through a metic'lous manufacturin' process, employin' the latest technology and our very own secret techniques to ensure top-notch results. The glossy finish adds a touch of elegance, while the sturdy ceramic construction guarantees it'll last fer years to come.

And the best part? We're offerin' free shipping all across the United States, so you can get yer hands on this masterpiece without emptyin' yer saddlebag. While our product images capture the essence of our art, the real magic happens when you hold this tile in yer own two hands. The intricate details, vibrant colors, and glossy sheen will leave you awestruck, partner.

As a small family outfit, we're mighty grateful fer yer support. When ya choose our exclusive cowgirl ceramic tile, you're not just addin' a unique piece of art to yer collection, but you're also helpin' us chase our dreams across the prairie. We pour our heart and soul into every tile, and we're confident you'll feel the love and dedication that went into its creation. So thank ya kindly fer joinin' us on this adventure, and we hope our tile brings joy, cowboy spirit, and the true essence of the wild west right inta yer humble abode.

Please Note:

If you wish to order multiple quantities, please select the desired size option and click 'Add to Cart.' Once you're in your Shopping Cart, you can choose the quantity you want.

The exact dimensions of our Medium-size tile are: 5.9" x 5.9" x 0.2". For the Large-size tile, the exact dimensions are: 7.8" x 7.8" x 0.25".

All of our tiles feature a smooth, flat, glossy surface with a slight bevel on the outer edge.

Our tiles are ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of both residential and commercial interiors, including backsplashes, showers, and wall murals. They can also serve as hot plates or coasters.

Please refrain from using them outdoors due to potential susceptibility to fading from prolonged sunlight exposure and the risk of cracking in freezing temperatures. These tiles are not intended for use as flooring.

For installation, any commercially available construction adhesive is suitable for securing the tiles in place.

Our tiles are adaptable to both wet and dry interior environments. We recommend using non-sanded grout. After installation, it's crucial to thoroughly clean any excess grout from the tile's surface to ensure a perfect finish and long-lasting results.

Feel free to contact us for special pricing on orders of 25 tiles or more.

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Kim C
Beautiful Tile! Wish there were more varia...

Beautiful Tile! Wish there were more variations on this to match.