Ocean Sea Waves, Art on a Glossy Ceramic Decorative Tile, Free Shipping to USA

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* This artwork is designed to have a 3D-looking effect, but please keep in mind that it is on a smooth, flat, glossy tile.

Introducing our exquisite Glossy Ceramic Decorative Tile, meticulously crafted to bring the captivating beauty of the ocean waves into your space. Inspired by the tranquil allure of the sea, this exclusive art tile is an absolute delight for sea lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

Unleash your creativity with this versatile decorative tile, perfect for a myriad of uses. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast seeking to infuse a touch of oceanic charm into your projects or an interior decorator looking for a unique accent piece, this tile is your ultimate solution. With its vibrant colors and intricate detailing, it effortlessly enhances any space, be it your living room, bathroom, or even your backyard oasis.

Display it proudly on your mantel, bookshelf, or gallery wall, and watch as its mesmerizing waves create a soothing and captivating atmosphere. As a conversation starter, this tile effortlessly sparks discussions about the calming energy of the ocean, reminding us of our profound connection to nature's wonders.

Not only is this decorative tile a remarkable addition to your own space, but it also makes a remarkable gift for friends and loved ones. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or any other special occasion, this tile will be cherished as a thoughtful and unique token of your affection.

To ensure your convenience, we offer free shipping to the United States, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful ceramic tile without any additional cost. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this glossy ceramic tile guarantees both durability and aesthetic appeal, promising years of admiration and enjoyment.

Embrace the tranquility of the ocean and bring the spirit of the sea into your surroundings with this remarkable 6" x 6" Glossy Ceramic Decorative Tile. Let the waves inspire you and create an ambiance that exudes coastal charm and elegance. Order yours today and immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the sea.

Please Note:

If you wish to order multiple quantities, please select the desired size option and click 'Add to Cart.' Once you're in your Shopping Cart, you can choose the quantity you want.

The exact dimensions of our Medium-size tile are: 5.9" x 5.9" x 0.2". For the Large-size tile, the exact dimensions are: 7.8" x 7.8" x 0.25".

All of our tiles feature a smooth, flat, glossy surface with a slight bevel on the outer edge.

Our tiles are ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of both residential and commercial interiors, including backsplashes, showers, and wall murals. They can also serve as hot plates or coasters.

Please refrain from using them outdoors due to potential susceptibility to fading from prolonged sunlight exposure and the risk of cracking in freezing temperatures. These tiles are not intended for use as flooring.

For installation, any commercially available construction adhesive is suitable for securing the tiles in place.

Our tiles are adaptable to both wet and dry interior environments. We recommend using non-sanded grout. After installation, it's crucial to thoroughly clean any excess grout from the tile's surface to ensure a perfect finish and long-lasting results.

Feel free to contact us for special pricing on orders of 25 tiles or more.